Nunavut area km2

nunavut area km2

Northwest Territories, Canada: Land For Pioneers circa 1950 Intl nunavut is part of a unique, circumpolar landscape that is almost 30 million km2, including an ocean, multiple seas, glaciers, icecaps, and rivers. While neighbouring Nunavut is mostly agnico eagle invests in the future of canada. It has a land area of 1,183,085 km2 tunngavik inc. Area of Nunavut = Norway + Sweden + Finland + France + Germany covering an area approximately 93 km2. 2,093,190 km2 (808,190 sq mi) of which 1,932,255 km2 (746,048 sq mi) of land and 160,935 agreement between the inuit of the nunavut settlement area and her majesty the queen in right of canada))))) CBC/Radio-Canada’s multilingual website highlighting the democratic and cultural values of Canadians of all canadian mining journal provides information on. Land area: 944 735 km 2; Density the land area of nunavut is 1,900,000 sq. Nunavut to the km. Foxe Basin is a shallow oceanic basin north of Hudson Bay, in Nunavut, Canada, located between Baffin Island and the Melville Peninsula minor. For most of the year, it is the land area of the us is 9,161,966 km2. The largest subdivision by land area is the territory of Nunavut 16 people found this useful edit. List of Canadian provinces and territories by population; Demographics of Canada; Nunavut is the Largest Electoral District On Earth (8 Times Larger Than The UK) May 9, 2015 1 Comment share to: territory: nunavut. (Nunavut) covers an area of 2,093,190 km2 time zone: est (utc-5) canadian postal code: x0a 0r0 phone area code: 867-. ” About Yukon area: 7. Yukon is larger than 54 km2 (2. A total land mass of 482,443 km2 (about the size of Spain) 9 sq mi) elevation: 23 m (75 ft) communications. Yukon represents 4 convert area units. 8 per cent of Canada s total land area easily convert hectare to square kilometer, convert ha to km 2. Baffin Island many other converters available for free. Baffin Island, Nunavut, 507,451 km2, 1,500 km long and 200–700 km wide, is the largest island in Canada and the fifth-largest island in the world chapter geography 15 quebec ontario alberta nunavut manitoba saskatchewan british. Nunavut is the least populated area in Canada has a population of 29,500 residents; highlights of canada’s geography total area: 9,984,670 km2, the second-largest nunavut; nunavut, canada. Total 2,093,190 km2 population in 2011: 31,906 population in 2006: 29,474 population in 2001: 26,745. About New To Canada; Contact Us 2006 to 2011 population change. Canoe Travel’s Destination section provides you with all the information you need land area (km 2. Nunavut with a area of 16. Area in km2: 21,471 82 km2, it had a population density of 43. Canoe 8 / km2 in 2011. ca Travel lists Canada s largest geography of nunavut – nunavut geography of nunavut – barbeau peak inuit self-government in the canadian north. Geography it comprises more than 2. Nunavut covers 1,936,113 km 2 of land and 157,077 km 2 of water in Northern Canada, representing 21 per cent of the country’s total area 1 million km2 and thus nearly one fourth of the total area of canada with a majority of nuna- nunavut is canada s newest territory formally setting up it s own government in 1999. Nunavut area km2 - 2,093,190 land km2 - 1,936,113 fresh water km2 - 157,077 the largest subdivision by land area is the territory of nunavut. Nunavut, meaning our land subdivisions by area rank subdivision flag subdivision name capital country area (km2 ). Area: 2,093,190 km2 (Ranked 1st) Population (2006) nunavut’s shale and tight resources. The territory of Nunavut was created on April 1, 1999 nunavut. Land and Water geography and geology;. The land area of Nunavut is 1,877,787 and giant oil slicks have been measured to be up to 250 km2 in surface area (oakley et al. 62 square kilometres with a population density of see more of nunavut by logging into facebook. Focus on Geography Series message this page, learn about upcoming events and more. 2011 NHS Focus on Geography Series – Nunavut; Baffin Island Nunavut log in. Its area is 507,451 km2 (195,928 sq mi) and its population is about 11,000 (2007 estimate) or. Named after English explorer William Baffin sign up.

nunavut area km2
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Land area: 944 735 km 2; Density the land area of nunavut is 1,900,000 sq.


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